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January 23, 2010

Alexandra (and a little Anthony too)

Oh my!

How did I end up with a girly girl?

For those of you that know me (in real life) you know I'm not really all that *girly*.

I own 3 pairs of shoes, one *purse* (let's use that term loosely here), I wear mascara maybe twice a year, I don't wear nail polish, and spending an afternoon (or morning) at a mall, is just about torture!

My daughter on the other hand....?

She LOVES to shop. You ask her what she wants to do and it is either play dolls or go to the mall. We were at the mall this morning and we walked past Claire's (a store that sells necklaces and nail polish etc.) As we were passing it Alexandra exclaims:

"A girlie store!!! Can I go in and see the girly stuff??"

So, in we went, with her in the lead longingly caressing necklaces and drapping purses over her shoulder all the while chattering.

"Oh, mommy, this one is beautiful."

"Can you buy this one for me one day?"

"So cutie, look!"

I think the sales lady was trying really really hard NOT to laugh!

Alexandra would run from rack to rack, taking her time going through each item to see if there was something that she deemed pretty. It was SO cute. . . incredibly foreign, but cute.

I promised her I would go back and buy a few things (like the BRIGHT pastel coloured nail polish or the sparkly lip gloss or one of the many purses she was drooling over) for her, for her birthday.

It baffles me, I always thought it was a learned behaviour, that desire to shop,...apparently I was wrong! Because she certainly hasn't learned it from me!!

* * * * * *

Anthony's school does something pretty neat. Every month, they have a different character trait as their focus. So, things like compassion and respect. This month it has been responsibility.

On Friday, Anthony came home with a specail picture, that had been signed by the torch-bearer who had spoken at an assembly earlier in the week.

Anthony was awarded this photo because, in his class, he had shown the character of responsibility over the week.

I am SO incredibly proud of him!!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I always wondered what it would be like to have a girl ... because I'm far from "girly" ... but I guess they're just born with it :)

You're a GREAT mama to each of your kids! Trust in that! I'm always impressed!