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August 10, 2009

Waiting... (but then life would pass you by)

We've been waiting (and waiting) for summer to arrive here, still waiting actually although this week looks promising.
But that hasn't stopped us from enjoying every minute of this vacation.
If we waited, summer would be over and school would start and the fall routine would arrive.
It's like life, we can spend our whole life waiting for something (the promotion for the bigger pay check, the man/woman of your dreams, the perfect house, the kids to grow out of this stage or that).
The problem with that is that we miss life. We wish away the things we could be experiencing because we are so busy looking for the things that aren't there and waiting for them before life really starts.
Everyday, no matter where I am, I am trying to live in the moment, not in the waiting.
* * * * * *
Owen hanging with the fire wood, I think he's got the idea here! Enjoying the freedom of the campsite
For the record, he ate ALL the time
(and would then sleep 11 to 13 hours straight for me!)
Anthony LOVES animals, he was very excited to have been able to catch this one.

Owen, Alexandra, Mikayla, William and Anthony
He was *farting*
(yes, he is ALL boy, and I love him!)

(did I mention it was cold?)

Braving the ice water
(because they're kids and immune to that sort of thing!)

Feeding the Whiskey Jacks One landed on his head but I wasn't quick enough to catch it!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I'd say you're doing a GREAT job of living in the moment!!

Fabulous photos too ... what a fun trip!!

Hope your week continues to be filled with GOODNESS!