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August 01, 2009

Learning while Playing

Most of the places we took the kids to had specail, hands-on activity centres just for them. The zoo was great because they have a touch and see the sting ray and sharks exhibit. The kids were a little hesitant, but thought it was neat non-the-less.

There's a specail fenced off section that you can walk through where the kangaroos and emu just wander around. It's very neat.
The Ontario Science Centre
This guy was super cool!

No bubble wand needed!


Catherine said...

I LOVE the picture of Owen in the shell! I just printed a copy for my fridge :) Glad yu had fun at the zoo, we haven't done the water part yet as we can still contain the big to do what we want to - lol. I liked the kangaroo part too, we went through our last trip too.
Was the bug exibit on a the science centre? We haven't been in about a year and I was wanted to go see it. Hmm must go google!

Miss ya!!

Lindsay said...

Hooray for you getting in a couple of these great photos ... what a cool place to go!!

Your kids are still talking about it I bet! :)