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August 15, 2009

A Fair Around Every Corner

This week has been peaceful. Filled with swimming lessons and friends and weather that has flirted with *too* hot (not that I'm complaining, it's been nice).
There have been water fights and freezes and neighbours kids who have wanted to play.
One of the highlights of the week for the kids was the cement mixer that showed up at our neighbours twice this week to lay the concrete walkway and patio that they are getting laid. It's passed HOURS of time, well, at least for Anthony and Owen (who kept repeating "truck, truck, truck" every 30 seconds the entire time we were watching!!!.
It's also the week that the *season* of fairs starts. Starting this weekend for the next 3 there's a fair in one of the little communities around here. This week was the Kakabeka Street Fair. It is the only one of the three with rides. And seeing as we (intentionally) missed the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition we figured we would take the kids to this one.
They had a blast. There was everything from the Navy and Armed Forces recruitment boothes to the volunteer fire department to chip stands and random *yard* sales.
Tons of really good food, you know like cotton candy and elephant ears, loud noises, crowds. Just the general chaos that occurs. It truly is a wonderful way to spend much of the day.
Anthony's favourite part of the day was the *archeological* dig they had set up at the falls.Even Owen got into it. Getting camo paint
(these guys were GREAT with the kids) (still working on shutter speed...can you tell where the focus was??)
This next week is going to be just as full, trying to cram every last minute of vacation into this summer.
My sweet Alexandra turns 3 very very soon and I cannot believe the time has gone by so very fast. Where oh where has it gone?!

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