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August 02, 2009

An Early Birthday Surprise.

Anthony loves knights, so Troy and I took the opportunity while we were in Toronto to take him to Medieval Times. It is a dinner and tournament. It's really really neat.

His birthday cake back at Grandma's. We figured it would feel more like a birthdya if we did cake. And my parents gave him his bike to open then too. In the arena waiting for our food and the show to start.
We were cheering for the blue knight.

Anthony had SO much fun. I think he was a little overwhelmed by everything, but he enjoyed and was VERY sad that he wasn't allowed to sit and watch it again!. We told him if he was still interested in knights in a few years, we would take him again.

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Catherine said...

Jealous!!! I have always wanted to go. One of those things you grow up with but never actually experience. I can't wait until Declan is big enough to go.