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August 25, 2008

My Day (aka anyone want a cat?)

Today is hot and sunny out and I am in the confines of my basement blogging...why? Because I can. My kiddies are sleeping (or out shopping with Daddy) and I have a few minutes to myself (which, I must admit would be better spent picking up 'stuff' and cleaning but.........) so I thought I would blog. Cause I'm addicted to it :P

We went back to school shopping this morning and I got some cool snackes to stick in Anthony's lunch box (multi grain cheerieos, candy-coated chocolate chips and raisins), some indoor shoes (with bob the builder on them), some t-shirts and long sleeve shirts (gotta love 2nd hand stores!). Get home and feed the ravenous animals lunch (sometimes I swear I could be a keeper at a zoo...) put them to bed (after catching Alexandra trying to suck toothpaste out of the tube (again)......might be a sign that we need to brush her teeth more than we do!) and started some laundry.....

....anyone want a cat?

She decided that her litter box was too dirty (not my job, I do diapers and puke but not litter boxes) and thought it would be a good idea to use the pile (er, mountain) of dirty towels to do her buisness in. Didn't realize until I started loading the machine and little bits came rolling out of the towels. ARGH! Silly silly cat.. but seriously, I wouldn't want to go in a dirty toilet, would you?

Tomorrow we are off to the beach and a campground for a swim and hotdog and marshmallow roast, one of the last 'big' outings of the summer. I am excited, hopefully it's as nice tomorrow as it is today.


Lindsay said...

That is exactly why our cat lives outside! :)

Hope your beach trip is AWESOME!!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Bill & Linda said...

Has your cat been talking to Mr. Tom's naughty cat?

Catherine said...

nope, but he must have been chatting with Darwin,who for the first time ever puked on my carpet the other night. I was sitting on teh couch in a complete stupor with the baby feeding and I swear it happened in slow mo. And I was way to tired to figure out what to do so I burst into tears! (Dave works night so I was alone). And then I laughed at myself for being so hormonal!