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August 09, 2008

Brides and Ants

It makes me giggle to listen to Anthony's conversations, both with himself or with others. Today we were playing outside and a limo pulled up to the house next door (someone was getting married). For some reason, Anthony has been asking about limos for the last few weeks (don't know) so it was nice to be able to point one out to him. He asked what they were for so I told him that this one would take a bride to her wedding. He INSISTED on staying outside until the bride went into the limo so he could see her dress. As he's waiting, he's alternating between playing with chalk and squashing ants complete with "Watch out, it's coming to get you (insert some boyish sound here)...splat!" (as he squishes them with his bare hands!). Then the bridesmaids and bride walk out and he stops what he's doing, watches, and asks (loudly I might add) "Why are their dresses so poofy mommy?!" but that was followed by "Mommy, that bride was SO pretty, she's just the prettiest, scrumptious even, I like her dress.....what does scrumptious mean?" Followed by my reply and then "Can I go kill some more ants before naptime?" Oh my, he keeps me on my toes!

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Wendi said...

Okay, I just love your blog! Mostly because you are just plain fun and write really well, but also because my Jay is so much like your Anthony that I can't help but laugh and relate to so much of what you write. :) Crack me up!!
In your post entitled "struggles" you talked about your son being 'caring, stubborn...er strong-willed, friendly, sensitive, loving, high-energy, independent, inquisitive'. We should start a club for moms of boys with these qualities Katarina!! It's craziness! They are so wonderful and sweetly intelegant one minute than you turn around and they are disrespecting or disobeying you to your face. Looking forward to reading more about how you handle this one. :) I can use your wisdom on mine. :)