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August 11, 2008

Oh My

I think I have gotten my daughter addicted to chololate timbits....everytime we go somewhere in the car now, all I hear from the back seat is: "timbit mommy, choclate timbit. peeeeeesse?!" I have a slight addiction to the Iced Capps at Tim Hortons and generally, when I go somewhere with just the kids, I stop at Tim's, get an Iced Capp for me and a chocolate Timbit for the two big kids. Now everytime we are in the car, that's what my little girl asks for!

On another Alexandra note, she is obsessed with Dora the Explorer. Which is fine, it's a decent kids show but.....if we happen to mention Dora's name in the house without spelling it in her presence, she immediately RUNS to the t.v yelling (at the top of her little girl voice) "Watch Dora, me watch Dora NOW! MOMMY DORA NOW PEEEESE!" It's quite humerous :)

She has had no interest in anything t.v related expect for Dora....until last night. We were watching the Olympics (I love them!) and some of the gymnastics competition came on. Alexandra stopped what she was doing, watched the girls on the balance beam tumbling and jumping and decided that she needed to do EXACTLY what they were doing. It was so cute watching her, she would jump and sumersault and she even attempted to do a backwards summersault because that's what she saw on the t.v. She also decided that the couch and her little chair would work PERFECTLY for the vault. She'd climb onto the couch and addtempt to summersault off it onto the little soft chair on the floor. It was SOOOO adorable (and I wish I had thought to grab the camera!) I think we might be enrolling her in gymnastics come fall!


Lindsay said...

Precious, just precious! I think gymnastics would be a GREAT idea :)

Thanks for your comment yesterday - just gave me one more glimpse into the life of you!

Blessings to you this week -

Wendi said...

Don't you just love watching the little ones watch the olympics? Some times I don't know what I enjoy more - watching the tv or my guys trying to do what they are doing. :)
How great that you are a swimmer!! I understand your longing...I think I would be the same way. It must add alot of excitement for you when you watch the olympics to have a wee bit of an idea of what they are feeling.
I get really into the olympics too. Last night watching Michael Phelps swim...WOW, I was on the edge of my couch. :) I almost fell off (just like his mom) towards the end. :) Dave and I had so much fun watching the swimming and beack volley ball! YAY USA!!! :)