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August 06, 2008

Cheese....(literal and metiphorical!)

"Momma? Is it the middle of the day?"
"Well, it's close to dinner time."
"So it's the middle of the day then." (Said with all the authority of a 4 year old who apparently knows everything!)
(Maybe I should have told him the moon was out.....what makes it 'the middle of the day' I wonder??)

"Ta-da! I do it me-self, I do it me-self!" (said as she is supposed to be sleeping)
I knew there was a reason we didn't have snaps on her pyjamas. She had managed to unsnap them all and was in the process of trying to re-snap them when I went in to find out why she was 'ta-da'ing' and what exactly it was she was doing herself (as she has been known to remove diapers!)

We took the kids to a cheese farm today, where they make fresh gouda cheese. Anthoyn loved watching them, but I think the highlight of the day was definately the goats and kitten that the kids got to play with as I was standing in line waiting to buy some of the cheese! It was neat being able to watch them mix the whey and then to separate the curds from it, putting it into containers and putting in under a press to darin off all the liquid. Very cool. And we will definately go back in a few years when the kids will enjoy it even more!

What a wonderful sunny morning and afternoon. During dinner we got a thunderstrom, could today have gotten any better??? I think not :P

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Lindsay said...

I love the cheese factory!! One of the most fansinating places ever... and the ice cream is delicious!!

Glad you enjoyed the one you visited!