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August 21, 2008


Tonight is the last night of visiting with my brother (Stefan) and his girlfriend (Antoinette). We have had a wonderful time together and I am going to miss them when they leave.

I love birthdays and I love being busy and having visitors. I'm just not sure I like having them happen at the same time (combine that with the Olympics and I'm toast!). I am T.I.R.E.D! I'm not really feeling it but I am very very crabby with my kids (which is a sure sign that I need more sleep). Sadly, I can't see that happening really soon....Owen is on a growth spurt and eating up a storm.....around the clock! Maybe getting up before the kids and focusing my day on what REALLY matters might be a good idea :)

Since my brother and his girlfriend have been in town we have been doing a whole lot of tourist type things. It's been great as most of the touristy things have been outside and involve nature of some sort (like waterfalls and mountain tops and warm sandy beaches!) I love being out doors. It has always drawn me closer to the Creator and I just love the beauty. Some how it always makes everything right, that perfection and beauty and intricate detail. My world is right after a day outside, regardless of what has transpired that day.

I am finding it hard to believe that the sumemr is almost over. Anthony starts J.K on Sept 4. This saturday he has a first rider orientation thing to go to for riding the school bus. My little boy is getting big. He is excited and MORE than ready. I have been so blessed watching him grow and change and challenge!

Speaking of Anthony, he has been such a good little boy lately. We were having a lot of trouble with his behaviour where he would fight EVERYTHING and it would become a battle of wills or he would do it, but VERY rudly. It took about 7 days of sending him to time-out the first time he did ANYTHING he knew was not appropriate behaviour, and a whole lot of praying but he is no longer challenging every little thing (read only about 50% of thigns!)or responding with sticking out his tounge or throwing toys when he is mad. So we are, thankfully, making progress!

This post has been everywhere tonight and I apologize for that. There are thoughts running circles in my head and I need to get them out but I'm not even confident that what I am typing is coherent!! Thanks (if you've made it this far) for bearing with me and trying to follow the ramblings of one very tired, scatterbrained mommy tonight.


Catherine said...

Oh Kates, again the first picture is stunning. What a moment to capture. It looks like you had a good time with your brother, I'm glad you guys had the chance to spend time together on your "turf".
Its amazing how as we get older the relationship changes. I never thought I'd be as close to my brother as I am now.

Lindsay said...

GREAT pictures!! :)

I love the banner/header especially!

And as I read the post I couldn't help but smile! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!