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May 17, 2011



Oh my sweet boy! I am sad this evening, in a happy sort of way. This past year has seen you change and grow and succeed in things I thought would take you longer to master. It has seen you come into your own and grow more independent and strong-willed (this seems to be a theme with my children....some more than others!).

I love that you still want to snuggle and be carried. There are days, that by the end, the last thing I want is for you to tug at my leg or hold on so tight, but I love it, truly.

We celebrated your third birthday with friends today, despite the fact that it is not *official* until Thursday.
And I am so thankful for you. God has blessed us in very special ways with all three of you kids and I pray for you to grow in love and knowledge of Him who created you.

Your dad and I joke that you are all boy. And you are, and that's not a bad thing! If it involves dirt, diggers (or other vehicles), loud noises, or being higher or faster you are all about it.

It was fun watching you at your party, surround by two little girls whom you adore and play well with - that distinction of *boy* just stood out all the more! It made me smile and thank God for the wonderful personality (that often daily drives me crazy!)

I am a little sad. We are leaving the baby stage and that is exciting and wonderful and an adventure of it's own, but at the same time, it leaves a bittersweet feeling in my heart.

I have loved watching you (and your brother and sister) grow and change and learn. But I love the newborn-ness and little baby stages, knowing that we are moving past that fills me with joy at all there is to come and with a gratefulness for all that I have been blessed with, but it leaves a little yearning too.

I know that will go in time, and that the excitement and joy will win out over the sentimental, but for now I may hug you a little longer or hold on just a bit tighter.

Owen, I am looking forward to see who you are becoming and what you will do or where you will go in this life of yours.

Happy Birthday Owen Caleb!
Mommy and Daddy love you very very much.

Owen and his friends.

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Lindsay said...

oh man! 3 already? unbelievable!

Looks like a great party and a fun, fun time for everyone! GREAT pictures capturing Owen's special day! :)