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May 20, 2011

Sun-kissed Days

Friday of a long weekend.

My kids slept in the morning, if you can call Owen being awake from 5 to 6:45am and then going back to sleep sleeping in.....so the morning routine of getting lunches made and Anthony out the door was rushed.

The little ones are watching Curious George on tv and I am wasting time blogging when there are a number of other things, much more productive, that I could be doing.

I'm still in my jammies and a group of moms is supposed to show up at my house in about 45 mins.....oh well, if I'm dressed I'm dressed and if not, they are close enough friends that it wont bother me (or them)

There is a lot floating around in my mind right now.

Trying to figure out web page design and realizing just how incompetent I am when it comes to technology and learning all the stuff that goes along with it.

I am addicted to crocheting and have spent way too many hours the last few weeks on hats and booties and little baby cocoons to be used as props (because I love them and refuse to spend the money to order one from Etsy when I can make it for the cost of a ball of yarn)

My stash of fabric has multiplied (thanks to a recent trip across the border and a stop in the fabric department of Walmart) and the patterns are waiting for me to get over the crochet bug and make a certain little girl some sun dresses for warmer weather (which hit yesterday like a ton of bricks and I was very excited about)

My weekend away with Troy was fabulous. It was so very much needed. There is  a certain freedom of travelling child-free and having no time constrictions. We ate dinner at 6:30pm and didn;t make it back to the hotel room until 9pm. We talked and wandered stores and stop at random spots along the way so I could take pictures and we could hike and explore. It was refreshing and good and there were a lot of really incredible conversations and progress made. Such a gift and I am thankful.

Anthony lost his first tooth (it's been loose for a while and his teacher helped him pull it at school), Owen turned 3 and Alexandra has no fear when it comes to biking! She gets to the top of a hill and pedals as fast as she can to get the bike going fast. It's a little un-nerving to watch, especially when the path turns at the bottom of the hill!)

I am filled with peace and joy as I step out towards fulfilling a dream. taking it slow, covering it with prayer and waiting, watching, learning at everything involved. It was one of the many conversations had with Troy last weekend and we made sure we were on the same page and figured out the logistics of it. I'm excited.

 Lunch is almost ready (this post has taken me all morning!) and then it will be time to hang clothes on the line and let the kids run like wild and crazy animals in the back yard.

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Lezlie said...

Hey Kat,
Just wanted to let you know that I'm thankful for you and for all the ways that God is working in your life, your family and in your marriage :) I'm excited to hear more about your plans! Looking forward to getting together soon! Love, Lez