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May 10, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Life has been speeding by.

I blink and suddenly we are almost half way through May.

When did THAT happen?

I learned to crochet....see the pretty hat? And as a result, have made at least 5 hats in the past 2 weeks....might be just a little bit obsessed with crafting. I knitted the owl as a shower gift for my  great nephew and have pulled out the sewing machine again.

Alexandra had her year end concert for dance last Saturday. She did great and loved every second of it, no real surprise there. Troy gave her flowers at the end and her eye just lit up (even more then they already were!)
There is just something so special about a dad giving his daughter flowers.

There are a few older girls at our church who dance with the same company, and Alexandra adores Megan. Wants to sit with her on Sundays and everything. 
 I am thankful there are young ladies in our church for her to look up to and befriend. I think it's really important. Not just for girls, but for the boys too.

Alexandra is my little helper. She LOVES (and thrives) in helping anywhere she is able. We were out at my sister-in-laws for a fish fry last weekend and Alexandra was helping put potatoes in the pots and getting everything organized.

Owen turns 3 on the 19th (yikes!) and he is still very much Owen. This picture give you a good idea of what he's like.....it makes me smile every time I look at it.
 He was hiding in the bedroom, would tip-toe out, put the "noculors" up and then run back into the room when he saw someone.

 My kids are in love with their baby cousin (or 2nd cousin...I'm never really sure how these things work!) And both Alexandra and Owen want to hold Lee any chance they get. It really is sweet watching them interact with Lee.

 We had a baby shower for him and I made these cupcakes (with the help of the kids, because I can't bake without....which is a good thing!)

 Anthony's favourite part about holding Lee? 

Is the fact that Lee *punches* him in the nose.
Anthony laughs and laughs and says "again Lee" and coos at him.
It just melts my heart. 

I have so much to be thankful for.

grass is starting to be more green then brown. It made me silly happy!

early morning bubble baths and the giggles and splashing that it brings

bike rides

children napping

a quiet morning and the chance to snuggle and read with my oldest

toys cleaned, organized and put away

preparations for a weekend away going smoothly (and for a husband who did all the planning!)


drizzles of rain and the excitement of umbrellas and rain boots

a brand new baby and the chance to sit and soak up all that baby goodness.

learning to release idols and the joy that it brings

school days

kids playing content

bbq season

Life is full and I wouldn't have it any other way. God is continually opening my eyes to the blessings He provides in abundance and I am learning to rest daily in His grace.

There are days when I am so exhausted I could cry and there are days when I am so filled with contentment and the flooding of peace that it makes the hard days worth it.

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