"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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May 02, 2011


Do we rejoice at the death of a world leader because of what he stood for?

I don't think it is ever alright to rejoice in or celebrate the death of a person (not talking in the context of celebrating that they are spending eternity in worship and communion with Jesus, free from pain and sorrow and suffering).

God's timing in perfect.


I listen to the news and the theories and all I can think is:

God's got this too. His way, His planing, His timing.

A man may plan his deeds but God directs his steps (loosely paraphrased there.....). Even in the context of free will and choice (I don't understand but I know it's Truth)

This is NOT a surprise to God.

The aftermath is NOT a surprise to God.

He uses even those who stray so far from Him in His Kingdom plan.

We will never understand it this side of heaven (and we may not understand in there either), but God is in control.

And that fills me with peace.

There is evil, there is pain, there is war and death and sorrow.

But there is peace because I rest my security on the Rock Who cannot be shaken.

I will trust in the midst of trouble and chaos that God is directing and planing and using.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow. 
There are no surprises in store for God. 
And there is great hope and peace in that for me.


mommytoalot said...

Great post.
you have a wonderful way with words.
Sure wish I had your confidence in HIM

Lisa said...

Great Post!

You know, when I heard the news this morning I was coming home from a weekday Mass. I felt almost sorry they HAD to kill him. I don't know why. My reaction confused me. my first thought was Oh! and then numbness... I felt sorry ~ not for him but for all of us. It seems so tragic to have someone die like this...and I wondered what God would do with him...

I was in a strange way, sorry for Bin laden now that he was being judged by the only ONE that matters... and then I thought I should be glade...but still didn't know how to feel. It was so strange. It is so strange! Maybe praying to be more Christ like is getting to me. :) I can only hope!!!! and I know we are in Gods hands.