"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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April 03, 2011


A red-gold sunrise kisses the streets and I have already been to buy groceries, ever so thankful for 24hr grocery stores and the people who work in them during the odd hours.

Why was I shopping before 8am this morning? Well, it was a choice of leaving the house or losing it on whiny, grumpy children who literally rolled out of bed in foul moods. I don't like starting mornings like that! So on went the t.v and this momma went to buy groceries (including cream for a much needed coffee!)

The beauty of the morning sunrise has given way to the beauty of large, fat, fluffy snow flakes. And yes, I do realize it is April. But one of the advantages joys, of living in Northwestern Ontario is that it snows at random times of year!

OK, maybe April isn't that random for snow given that 2 years ago we had a snow day on April 1 because of the amount of snow fall! It's that time of year where the weather teases me into thinking that I can wash and pack away the kids winter hats and mitts and whatnot, only to need them not even 24 hours later!

After my wonderful morning of looking for patience that didn't get out of bed, I was thankful for the sermon today. Our pastor is starting a sermon series on 'Jesus in the Psalms'. I enjoy seeing how God uses all Scripture for His purpose. There are so many things that I tend to miss reading it on my own and I love the way the dots connect as God speaks to my heart through sermons.

Love the reminder today that I (we!) have a high priest Who is our mediator. That when I mess up (again!) and can't find the words to express what is going on in my heart, Jesus already knows and He knows what I need and He asks His Father on my behalf!

Isn't that incredible?! It utterly floors me everytime I am reminded of it. Jesus loves and cares for me enough to place my mumblings before His Father in such a way that I am understood. It is such a comfort on days when I don't know how or can't find the words to express what I need or where I am at or why I have just managed to stumble one.more.time.

Tomorrow I am taking pictures of a friend. I am excited because there is no pressure to get it 'right'. I love playing with my camera and I love that God uses my lens to remind me of His beauty, of His love and, of Who He is.

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