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May 01, 2008

Pregnancy Hormones SUCK!

I'm tryingto enjoy this pregnancy as it is our last, but seriously...I'm SO done. Maybe the will induce me at 37 weeks and then I can have my body back, and my hormones will be normal (or at least normal for me). I'm tired of being tired and of having zero patience with the kids. I'm tired of not being able to sleep because I can't get comfortable or have insomnia.....

Anyway, enough complaining. I am looking forward to holding our little guy and cuddling him and taking a few dyas (or 60 hours to be exact) in the hospital to get to know him apart from my other kids. The days are passing and even though they don't seem to be passing fast enough, I am happy that they are passing.

Today my job is to pull out the rest of the baby clothes and the infant carseat and to attempt to get all the washing done and put away his clothes on the shelf he is over taking in Alexandra's room (at least until we can get Alexandra out of her crib and into the room in the basement which will be hers eventually!)

Well, the sun is shining and it is supposed to be a nice day, so enjoy it as spring is approaching, if not fully here yet.

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Newman Family said...

Hugs! Remember... um.... good things come to those who wait...? Hopefully sweet dreams tonight. I always found it helpful to just get up and read with a nice hot mug of wsomething, rather than lie there, angry to be awake. But then there is the next daylooming ahead... BIG HUGS!