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May 21, 2008

Pictures of Owen Caleb

What a whirlwind past couple of days! Owen's arrival was definately a little stressful but everything is going well. We left for the hospital Monday morning to be induced, they started the induction at 8:30am and by 1:54pm Owen Caleb 'fell out' screaming (literally!). It seemed to Troy and I that it took FOREVER to get to 5cm and it did....(at least compared to what I'm used to!) However, once I got to 5cm dilation, it took about 9mins to go from 5 to having Owen. I barely made it back into the bed and was on my knees leaning into the head of the bed and out he fell. I wasn't sure if the midwife was even there, I remember saying, "he's here, his head is here you need to get him!" (with just a little bit of panic in my voice!) and out he came
plop, right into her hands and that was that! I wouldn't recommend going that quickly....it was just a little bit intense!
He is a good baby, though he definately gave me a run for my money the first night (I think it was the tramatic birth!) he was awake basically from 10pm to 6am. The nurse took pity on me at about 4:30 and took him for an hour so I could sleep!

Here are some pictuers of the kids with their brother. They LOVE him and can't get enough of him. Alexandra gets very worried when he cries, although I remember Anthony doing the same thing when Alexandra first came home too.

Excuse the pictures of me and my wonky face.....only half of it works right now!

Coming home

At home


The Gomes Family said...

Congratulations! He's precious! I forgot they come that small :) Let us know if you need anything.

Love yas!

The Gomers

Dorothy said...

Everyone here agrees that Owen is adorable and so cute and all that jazz. We're also wondering of Alexandra is trouble waiting to happen!