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May 19, 2008

Induction Day

Well, I am off to have a baby this morning. Went to e.r yesterday cuz the right side of my face doesn't move (it looks really funny!) and I was thinking stroke.

Turns out it's Bell's Palsy, which is an inflammed facial nerve. It IS a reversible condition, but they want to start me on Pretezone (a steroid) but being this close to my due date, they don't want to start it while baby is still inside (there could be complications to baby if he is born with it in his system) so, they are inducing me in an hour (7:45am) so that I can start the medication (which is recommended that you start within 72 hours of onset).

The next post will hopefully be baby pictures :) But probably not till I come home from the hospital i a day or two.

Anyway, off to eat and dress and head to the hospital!

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