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May 13, 2008


Well, baby is growing like he should be. His head circumfrence and femur were measuring between 38 and 38.3 weeks so exaactly where he is supposed to be at this point. They are estimating that he weighs about 3.3kg (7 something lbs) but I don't have much faith in the guesstimating system (as they tend to guess my babies are bigger than they are!). Fluid is fine and blood flow is fine. Basically, they can't figure out why I'm not getting bigger but I don't care!! All that matters is baby is healthy and growing like he should and he is so we are happy!
It was great to see his chubby little cheeks on the 4-D real time part. He had his little fist shoved up against his mouth, it was really cute! I am getting super excited to meet him!

So everything is good! :)

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The Gomes Family said...

Sooooo glad to hear that all is well with little Setala Son & his Mum. See you Thursday!