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May 15, 2008

She Can Do WHAT??!!!

I had a home visit today with my midwife so I sent my kids downstairs to play in Anthony's room so I could try to have adult conversation without being inturrupted by munchkins. ANYWAY, I came downstairs to find Anthony playing (somewhat) happily in his room and Alexandra, sitting on her little pullout couch in front of the t.v watching the menu screen to one of her Dora DVDs. Um.....when did she learn to work the t.v and DVD player? Seriously, she's not even 21 months old yet..... (and no, Anthony didn't do it for her as he spent the time running up and down the stairs and jumping on his bed)

Not ONLY did she turn on the t.v (which I know she can do), she turned on the DVD player, pulled OUT the Cars DVD, put IN the Dora cd (right side up and everything!)and pulled the little pullout couch over to a foot away from the t.v. I found her sitting there with her blankie saying "do do Dora" with this sad look on her face. She couldn't figure out why it wasn't playing for her (it played until it got to the episode selection screen!)

I would have taken a picture had I thought to run back upstairs and get the camera, but at this point in pregnancy, it was more trouble then it was worth (I don't 'run' anywhere anymore....more like a slow waddle!)

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