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April 26, 2008

Four weeks and counting

till Baby Setala arrives......

Hopefully we will have a name by then, I'm VERY serious when I ask for suggestions.......maybe we'll have a contest, if you can suggest a useable name (i.e. Setala Son is NOT considered useable.....however cute it seems) and we end up naming our son that, you will get a praize, maybe a giant choclolate bar or a gift certificate to a coffee shop....
Yesterday was spent washing baby clothes seeing as it was raining and I couldn't dry things on the line, I decided that I was going to wash baby clothes! I also got the bassinette set up and the diapers put on the shelf that will be their home (out of little girl's reach!). We are slowly getting ready and I am really starting to get excited.

Alexandra is still potty training herself. She randomly goes into the bathroom and takes off her diaper and pants and sits on the potty. Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't but there is a definate interest there. I am not really encouraging it but I have finally stopped fighting the fact that she is ready to start! Now, usually, when she tells me she needs to go I send her on her way and then go help. I figure that I probably shouldn't discourage it because then when I AM ready to start, she will want nothing to do with it!! So potty training here we come!

The winterish weather seems to have comeback today, we've had rain for the past 3 days and I have been kicking myself for not getting out to put down some grass seed, so I went out this morning to sprinkle some and what does it start to do? The rain turns to sleet and snow...... perfect for grass seed to grow :P Ah well, if it doesn't take it doesn't take and I'll just re-seed it later.


Newman Family said...

YEAH.... what is WITH this weather? Great sadness (and relief - we're not ready for gardening yet!) to see the snow today. I better check my calendar. I thought it was almost May, but with the snow...
Thanks for hanging out last night :) have a good one!

The Gomes Family said...

Setala Son is definately the winner!! :) Hmmm... what about Malachi? *grin*

I vote for "Micah".
Jon says "Hershey".

Dorothy said...

I vote for Thomas.
I think you got our snow; it snowed for most of a week here, but it's almost all gone now.