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August 02, 2010


Beauty surprises you!

We spent 3 weeks in Toronto, camping, visiting friends, soaking up the love of family, and doing all the touristy things the kids love! There were trips to the zoo, a reptile zoo (complete with Alexandra having a rather large python sit on her lap....she volunteered and I wasn't going to stop her!), centre island (complete with rides that they couldn't get enough of), a trip to the science centre and Chucky Cheese (we took Anthony and Alexandra as their *birthday* dinner, even though their birthdays are still to come).

It was wonderful and the driving was amazing. The kids were SO incredibly patient and good that it made the time pass so much faster. I am super thankful for that!

As much as I love the time away, I am very happy to be back home, into the *routine* of summer. We have been busy. Next on the list of things to do? Paint Alexandra's bedroom Cotton Candy Pink and Lilac Bouquet (or Purple Foxglove!) Very Very girly colours, but they came from the mom approved colour choices. That was our deal. She could choose the final 2 colours, but I got to choose the colours she got to choose from (confusing much?)

We bought the kids an Atomic Bouncer. It's a blowup trampoline and they have been loving it, best $30 I've spent in a long time!

I am enjoying every minute of this summer. Soaking up the memories and moments of laughter and giddiness, who knew that the kids could all fall alseep in the same Yurt while we were camping (without kililng eachother!) It's been good.

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Lindsay said...

Beautiful picture!! Looks like summer has been wonderful :)