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August 04, 2010

Getting Caught Up

*Updated: I apologize if the pictures don't work. Apparently when you are close to running out of storage space, Blogger starts acting up. I'm looking into getting my pictures to Fliker and loading that way but it might take a while!

Our yearly stop at the Canadian Carver, just outside of Sault Saint Marie, ON
 Camping at Pinery Provincial Park with my parents and 1 brother (while Troy was marking Provincial math tests!)

Visting with a good friend and my grandmother.

It's been awhile since I have truly blogged. Partly because it is summer and summer is busy. Partly because I have been hiding from the world just a little and partly because I have been intentional about spending more time with my kids over the course of a day. Doesn't relaly leave much room for anything else.

Life is happening and passing by very quickly. In a few short weeks, Anthony will be starting Gr.1...that's five days a week, where did the time go? And Alexandra will be starting J.K. That means, that for two days a week, it will just be Owen and I at home. Growing, changing, new routines are born and adjustments are made.

It is, however, all good.

Part of the adventure of life is the change it brings with it. The way we need to grow to adapt to those changes.

Summer is not over yet though, and this momma is going to soak up every minute she has with all three of her kids at home!

Got to visit a friend and her 3 week old baby....makes me want another :) So precious and tiny and sweet!


Lezlie said...

Glad to have you guys back!! Your pictures aren't showing up though... just thought I'd let you know in case you hadn't checked your own blog lately ;)

AK said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Isn't the Pinery beaches amazing? I loved going there (about 8 years ago now!) I haven't seen many beaches that nice, especially in southern Ontario. I am jealous you got to go see the new baby. :) I had to make do with pictures.