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August 22, 2010

I'm going to make this... (and other ramblings)

I need to pull my sewing machine out again, it has been gathering dust for FAR too long. But, the kids are getting bigger and I am slowly gathering my wits about me again (yes ladies, it does eventually happen!) and I think I want to sew.

What am I going to sew? This: http://fromanigloo.blogspot.com/2010/04/bubblegum-jumper-tutorial.html
It's an adorable dress... with buttonholes, I've never sewed button holes...! I might try and get it done as Alexandra's first day of school dress, but THAT might be pushing it just a little bit!

I'm also going to start quilting again....there are at least 3 babies to be born by March that I want to quilt for....

Speaking of Alexandra, she turned 4 on Thursday. 4!! I have pictures, they are coming. I just spent Saturday afternoon taking pictures of a friend's birthday party and feel like I should probably get those edited and off to her before I get Alexandra's on to here (she is, after all, paying).

We spent yesterday morning out at the Kakabeka Street Fair and the kids had a blast. Owen was big enough to go on the rides this year and, Just like his siser, he has NO fear!! He was laughing and giggling and letting out squeals of delight. It was a great day and yup, there are pictures of that too.....and they are coming, maybe a post of pictures is warrented in thenear future!

2 more weeks until school starts and we are ready. Lunch boxes and backpacks have been bought, clothing has been tried on and, when needed, bought. And there is one very excited little girl and one indifferent not-so-little boy, (and on just a little excited mom) looking forward to Sept. 7!!

Anyway, family is coming over shortly to celebrate Alexandra's birthday, so I need to go and finish cuting up cucumbers and all that fun stuff!

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Catherine said...

Buttonholes aren't really hard. The only advice I have is practice, practice, practice first.I still do 2 or 3 practice ones right before I do a project. Or if you are like me and lazy, I sew velcro or snaps on and then put the buttons on as decortation :)