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December 29, 2009

Their *favourite* Things

We had a fantastic Christmas. It was filled with time with family and friends and just hanging out together, celebrating the birth of Christ...everything that Christmas is really about.

This week is going to be more of the same; playing and visiting and just relaxing before routine starts again.

The kids were spoiled silly by our family and friends this year. But they love everything they were given and Anthony has even taken to playing for hours by himself with the pirate Playmobile and Leggo that he was given. I am thankful that we have family that spoils the kids, not just with *things* but with their time and their love as well. I'm blessed knowing that my kids are well loved by a whole lot of people.

Next weekend, the Olympic torch run comes through town and we are going to take the kids to see it. They may be a little young, but really, I'm not sure if they will ever get the chance to see it again. So regardless of what time it is supposed to make it's way through, I will be there with the kids, cheering them on as the head to Vancouver for the opening of the Winter Games in February.

Hoping your Christmas was filled with blessings and love and joy as well!


Catherine said...

I LOVE her hat! And her pjs. I almost bought a pair for no reaso other than i love them the other day.
We took Declan to the torch and while I know that he is way to young to ever remember or care I thought that it was an important part of being Canadian. I was kinda surprised at how touched I was by it though.

Lindsay said...

Looks as though you all have been blessed! :)

Happy New Year friend - thanks for being such a blessing in 2009!! Looking forward to knowing God and friends better in 2010 :)