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July 31, 2009

Little Things...

There were a few times on our trip when traffic looked like this, and we moved maybe an inch or two a minute: It was at those times that I was very thankful that:
we WEREN'T caught in tons of traffic (especially considering the amount of driving we did)
the kids are 'addicted' to tv and would watch the portable dvd player we brought with us
that I had my zoom lens in the van so I could pass the time:

More importantly though, I was also very thankful that our family, for all the kilometers we have racked up driving over the years, have never been the reason behind the stalling of traffic.
God has most definately had His hand of protection around us as we have travelled.
It's not something I take for granted.
At. All.
In fact, I realize just how blessed we have been. Especially on this trip: Things went so smoothly. There were a number of times (like rain pouring down hard enough you couldn't see two car lengths in front of you, having a car go flying past to pass, only to slam on it's brakes 30 seconds later or watching a transport come flying down a really steep hill with its brakes smoking) when things could have gone differently for us.
It's times like those that I truly feel God's protection upon us and I am thankful (although that is not a strong enough word) that we have been kept safe.
I found it hard to get frustrated when we were *stuck*. Even when it did take us 2 hours to drive what should have taken maybe 45mins. We were at least moving and safe.
Thankful just doesn't cut it.

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Sally's World said...

yes, i think people get stressed about traffic, but i always feel grateful its not us in the crash thats the hold up, and its a great opportunity to play i spy!