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July 30, 2009


It has been two years since we last saw two of the families we visited on this trip. Two years is a really long time. A lot changes in two years, like the fact that Anthony and Emma now get along GREAT (they used to fight like cats and dogs!).

But at the same time, these are the types of friendship that the passage of time (and distance) doesn't really seem to bother. We can pick up almost exactly where we left off. One family, Alexandra had no recollection of meeting their oldest daughter, as we were leaving, Alexandra was calling out the window of the van "Goodbye my friend. My friend, my friend, goodbye." and waving franticly!

Our friends in Barrie

Just Owen and I visited with my best friend and her family.
Declan (on the right) and Owen are 2 months apart.
(Naked, pasty, babies. Aren't they the cutest!!)

I LOVE this picture of Cath and Declan.
Our last friend stop on the way home.

There were many more friends we had hoped to be able to see. But distance and time didn't work in our favour this year, especailly when most of them have little ones or are expecting (twins!).

I love how friends fill our life with happiness and a belonging. A place where you can fall or dance and still be accepted and loved and cared for. Even if those friends happen to live miles and miles (and miles) away from you and you rarely see (or even talk with) them. Those types of friendships are truly a gift and a treasue them. For I know just how rare they can be.

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