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July 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We made it.
We are home.
Actually, we were home yesterday. The fog, pouring rain, freezing cold and, kids happy to sit in the car for hours on end without stopping, made the trip a day shorter than planned.
Tired, happy, unpacked, blessed with wonderful memories of a fantastic trip *home*.
It was a *great* 3 weeks.
There are pictures coming, that I promise. Just need to sort through them and find the time between running loads of laundry to my sister-in-laws house and packing for our camping trip next week!
Our trip was full, in such a very good way.
And truly, I couldn't have asked for better little travellers to have made the trip with. They were SO SO SO very good in the van. And that, made the trip home that much sweeter.


Catherine said...

Yeah!! Glad you made it home safe and sound (well not glad that you are home cause once again you are way too far away - but you know what I mean). I have been checking your blog everyday waiting for pictures :)

Sally's World said...

welcome home, can't wait to see the pics xxx