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June 25, 2012

Final Week of School

This week is the last week of school before summer vacation. We are looking forward to it! 4 days and counting....(well two if you are Owen and Alexandra).

Last Wednesday Alexandra had her S.K *graduation*. WOW! I am struggling with where this year went....why do they seem to keep getting faster and faster?!
 They got to sing a couple of songs before they got their *grad* certificates.
 Mrs. Phillips, Xanj's SK teacher. She was Anthony's too and we just love her to pieces. She is such a wonderful lady and puts a whole lot of effort into the teaching of these kids.

 Good friends....except when they aren't ;)  Sometimes three can be a crowd but usually the girls are stuck together like glue. I am thankful that they will go through school together.

Since February I have been working on redoing the boys' room. And it is F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D!!!!!

The city has re-done the waterfront over the past year and two weeks ago they had the *official* opening. I took the kids down an they had a blast. It was sunny and warm and beautiful out (for about 45 mins and then the fog blew in for about an hour and then it turned nice again!)
 Hanging out with friends.
 Anthony James.......he actually let me take a NICE picture of him!!! I have very happy with that!

The weather has turned nice....after weeks of rain and very cool temperatures it is nice to see the sun and actually feel hot when you go outside.

This weekend to mark the start of *summer* we are headed out camping and then to our friend's annual Canada Day party. Alexandra will have a diving camp next week and my parents come to visit the end of next week. Lots happening and we are most definately keeping busy.

My house is still a disaster and the photography business is picking up (praise God!) so life is hectic, but it is a good hectic :)

Off to hang laundry on the line and head out to the beach for a photo session this afternoon!

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