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July 04, 2012

The Start of Summer

Happy Canada Day!
July 1st this year was h.o.t and sunny. I am pretty sure that is a first in a looong time.

The kids finished school last Thursday so Friday morning we packed up the van with our camping stuff, met up with friends and headed out.

Our first stop was Drift Lake. A lake surrounded by Crown Land, perfect for swimming, camping, dirt biking, picnics and all the fun stuff that comes with summer. 
 The dad's getting the fire ready and some of the beach site cleaned up.

Our friends have dirt bikes. . . .
 Anthony got his turn first....and has decided that we now *need* to buy him a dirt bike!

 Our second stop was Quetico Provincial Park. Just our little family for 2 nights.

It was wonderful. The perfect camping trip! The kids made friends with a chipmunk or two.

Alexandra mastered riding her two-wheeler.

 Dinner time on day 2. Exhausted but very very happy. Alexandra informed us that night at bedtime that camping was boring because we were trying to make her go to sleep!

The perfect camping trip.

We came home Sunday afternoon for our friends' annual Canada Party. And now we have hit the holidays with busyness! Alexandra started diving this week, my parents come in on Friday until July 11, then Xanj will  drive back to Toronto with them until July 16th and the boys and I will go on another camping adventure. This time to a provincial park we have never been to before, but our site is right on the shore of Lake Superior.

I am SO thankful that the kids are now at an age where they are happy (and capable enough) to go off our their own or with other kids to explore and play. There were times camping where I could actually sit in a chair by the fire with a book (!)

Bring on the summer!!!!!

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