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July 24, 2012

Endless Summer

It's the middle of July and our summer fun is no where near stopping. we have been busy as can be and the kids are enjoying every minute of it.....That is of course until the fun stops and there is a quiet day or two for them to realize just how tired they really are; then the melt downs begin (not that we would know anything about that in this house.....)
 My parents came up to visit for 5 days and they took Alexandra back to Toronto with them. She was the only one of the kids left to go on their own. While she was gone, the boys and I headed to Rainbow Falls, a camp ground we had never been to before. There are sites on both sides of the highway and we opted for a site *right* on Lake Superior. It was perfect!
 And when we wanted sandy beach instead of rock, we just crossed the highway and hung out at the sandy beach which delighted the boys because there were *lots* of  *big minnows* for them to try to catch (with and with out their nets)
 I was a little nervous about taking them myself but we had a fantastic time. It was such a HUGE blessing for me. I watch Anthony and Owen forge a bond that they have never had before. They played with each other and helped each  other and it did this mommy's hear good to see what God is doing in there lives.
 Not only were there minnows, but there were tadpoles in numerous states of changes which the boys spent hours trying to catch and examine. I loved watching them. They couldn't have cared less that I was there and were more then happy to climb the rocks and explore the pools of water.

 There was just something about having a camp site right on the water that did me good. I miss that. It has been a looooooong time since I have camped (I didn't go at all last year, or the year before) and I need that. The open air, the beauty of creation, the sounds and smells.
 I can just sit and soak in the presence of God. It is a wonderful feeling.

 HOURS of fun. Literally!

 Before we headed out camping, there was TONS of fun with my parents. Strawberry picking was a highlight!

We are waiting to hear about a potential full time permanent job for Troy. Hoping, praying, knowing that regardless of what happens it is good. And more then that, that we will be ok...much more then ok. We will be blessed and happy for despite the fact that trusting can be hard, there is joy in the waiting when I trust in His perfect timing.

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