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June 20, 2012

Keeping it Real

Sometimes Pinterest bothers me. I see all these really cool craft ideas or sewing projects or little things I would love to try around the house.

So I click on the link and am taken (usually) to a *Mom Blog*. 

Don't get me wrong. I think the stuff is adorable and wonderful (I clicked the link remember?) But then I start to feel a little inadequate. Like I some how don't measure up.

Which is silly and crazy. But it's how I feel so then I take a break from pinterest and blog land and focus on other things (like the things that are important to begin with!)

Tonight however, I was looking for a diaper cover pattern and a tie (which ended up turning into a bow tie but that's another story) so I had to go and find the blog that I had book marked that had it.

Once again, kids are smiling and happy, house is clean and organized and it doesn't appear that there are any mistakes in the sewing project.

SO..... incase there are others of you out there that get a little tired of seeing the *perfect* house when you go to check out a tutorial, here is what my house looked like when I sat down to sew when the kids were in bed (and I should mention that the boys where yelling at each other all the while...)

I ignored the (small) pile of laundry that needs to get put away
 I ignored the half finished teacher's gifts sitting on the counter (cuz why would I finish something prior to starting something else...case in point, that blue fabric in the corner is part of a sundress fro Xanj.....it's been there for almost a month. BUT it is still jeans weather here more often then not!)
 I didn't even bother putting the dinner dishes away, I just moved things around to make room for the ironing board. And yes, that is a vacuum in the kitchen. I had been vacuuming the living room floor so I could steam clean it.
 And there's the *sewing table*


Catherine said...

My sewing table beats ours for pure chaos :) And I didn't do my dinner dishes either - they are stacked all over the kitchen.
I also attempted a "simple" patter (and really, I think my sewing skills are pretty good) and went back to check the comments because, well yeah. It is a good thing the kids were out of earshot :)

Allison said...

Ya, I've got serious pinterest rage from time to time. It is ridiculous. Where are the kids when they are doing this stuff? I have decided that they must cut corners somewhere and that most likely the secret ingredient is that there husbands make more money and are hardly ever home. Afterall, you never hear about DH (darling hubby) you only hear about DS and DD, right? I think they order food in more often, send the kids to afterschool programs or sitters etc. There has to be something they aren't telling us, because we all know how hard it is just to survive at day, let alone have a 'pinterest' worthy one AND photograph it AND post it AND do it more than once.

Jessica S. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HOUSE PHOTOS. They're kind of inspiring.

Lezlie said...

The Mom *heart* picture hanging on the kitchen cupboard pretty much summs it up... doesn't matter what the house looks like or how long it takes to actually finish the projects. It's being there when your kids need you :) Your kids adore you not for your ability to do everything and be perfect, but for the amazing love that you demonstrate to them. And really, your bed is made, the clothes on the bed are clean ones, you've started teacher gifts *ahem*, and your carpet is ready to steam clean. You ROCK!

Lindsay said...

This just made my day!! :) sending love your way ~