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November 02, 2011

Hallowe'en and a Random Pondering

 My Big Scary Dragon
 My Princess
(gotta love flower girl dresses!)

 Agent "P" (or Perry)
 The 3 hooligans hyped up and ready for candy ;) 

Why is it, that as a society in general, we feel the need to make kids/teens grow up faster than they need to?

Why is it, that adult, think kids and young adults should be able to *get over* and adjust to problems and situations quickly and smoothly, without causing ripples? Adults seem to want to put a time constraint on the limits of what is deemed acceptable for whatever. But it could take an adult just as long (or longer) to come to terms with the situation.

Thoughts running through my head tonight and aching for situations that I am only indirectly involved in and longing for God to reach down and heal the hurt, the pain, to fill their lives with His presence.

If you leave someone to fend for themselves when their world has been turned upside down, is it any surprise when they start to fall apart at the seams too? When they push boundaries and put walls in place? When their hurt has no where to go but in, the long term consequences are huge. But so often it is easier to push aside the little, day to day, moment to moment problems that crop up, to explain it away or to simply say "grow up and get over it".

Aren't we (as adults) called to walk along side, to mentor, to provide help and encouragement and a *safe* place?

Aren't we called to do that for each other? Let alone those who aren't younger, who have seen less of the world?

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