"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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November 03, 2011

Morning Dawns

I watch the sun rise this morning, a golden hue breaking through the darkness. The thick blanket of frost that covers the ground this morning will, by noon, be a memory. An after thought. A reminder of the winter that is soon upon us.

Dawn breaking is a reminder to me, this morning, that it is light that melts the ice, that brings forth hope in darkness. 

It's not so much different then the Light that melts the ice of my heart, that spills rays of hope in the dark places I hide. And I am thankful.

It has been far too long since I have come quiet before Him, opened Word and let it soak in. I can feel it, see the evidence of that neglect in the words that tumble out, in the thoughts that look for escape, in the frustration and impatience that bubble to the surface.

For from the overflow of our heart, our mouth speaks.

Grateful that I can turn, ran to Light and Hope and just be still.

Thankful for so much right now. Life is scattered and busy but really, it's no excuse to place the important to the side. For the closer I draw to His goodness, the more I am changed.

Do I hesitate for fear? Because as much as I long to change - to love like Him, to live like Him - stepping out is a little scary. It requires openness, a willingness to be real, to let others see inside to the places that i would rather hide. 

But if God can change me, work in my life, I know that there is no stopping what He can do in the lives of those around me. So what is holding me back from stepping out in trust? In faith? In the knowledge that my God is all I need to sustain me?

My list of grace, of thankfulness, of snippets of joy continues to grow longer. 

* that hunting season is, for my family, over for the year.

*meat filling the freezer bringing with it the knowledge that we will be well fed this season.

*clothes drying on the line strung in the basement and the smell of clean that fills the house as a result

*decisions that bring wonder and shock and awe all at the same time. that show me God hears.

*apple cider tea with caramel. 

*frost and the colour it turns in the sunlight

*the quiet of a morning

*the arms of my Father and His lavish care

*a theme in sermons and bible studies and convict and encourage at the same time (Change!)

*homemade apple pie

*orange rice krispie squares

It continues, flows, never stops. This giving of thanks.

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