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October 23, 2010

When You're Just Plain Done

  • You send your oldest son to a birthday party you told him 2 days prior he couldn't go to (he was biting his sister) because the thought of entertaining 3 children causes you to break down in tears.
  • You sign up children for numerous Halloween parties next weekend because it means you don't have to deal with them.
  • You're house looks and sounds like world war 3 because consistency is not in your vocabulary right now, and neither is the desire to clean or tidy.
  • Finding clothes that actually fit (as in, will stay on when being pulled at by children) is a challenge so pyjamas  is your choice of clothing (and you wonder why your youngest refuses to wear anything else but p.j's!)
  • You want to hide and just let someone else deal with it all.
  • You find your children playing in the bathroom with a couch, blankets, pillows and your first thought is to just leave them and then you realize that you don't remember the last time the floor got washed and maybe, that's not such a good idea. So you threaten to throw the couch out if they ever EVER play in the bathroom again (because they know better, they are told on a weekly basis that they bathroom is ONLY for brushing teeth, having a bath or going potty)
  • You let your youngest sleep in bed with you because they thought of morning starting at 5:20am is too much to comprehend!
  • You do your share of apologizing to everyone who comes in contact with you, but especially your kids and husband.
  • You whine and complain in blog-land because you just don't care what you sound like any more!
Yup, I'm done. Completely.  Was looking forward to a weekend away, but it's not going to be able to happen.

This week, not my finest mothering week. At. All!

It gets easier right?? Right?? Or does it just get different??


Lezlie said...

Let me know if there's anything we can do... praying for you, girl (and for that elusive deer that refuses to be seen by your hunting hubby)! Love ya.

AK said...

Yeah sometimes I feel that way too...a lot of the time lately! This weekend I'm totally done and totally ranted and raved at why yet another thing had to go wrong (my brand new dryer replaced by insurance is broken). Trying to have a good attitude is not easy. I keep telling myself "this too shall pass" and that a year from now it won't matter anymore. Maybe that will help you...I don't know...but I can pray! Miss you.