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October 18, 2010

For the Love of Diggers

Owen has a mild obsession with diggers. He's a boy, he's supposed to. Today I was looking for something to occupy him for more than 10 minutes! 
And this:

Worked wonderfully!
Now I know what to do to keep him busy when I need to accomplish something that little boys just shouldn't be helping with!


Lezlie said...

Great idea Kat!

Lindsay said...

I am so doing this with my boys tonight :)

Blessings to you & thanks for the encouraging word!! :)

AK said...

What a great idea! My daughter would just throw and eat the rice LOL

One thing that is REALLY working for me (thank you God for the wisdom for this!!) is to keep all the girls' toys in labelled boxes in the closet, not the living room. I get them out things as they want them, but I don't get more than 1 or 2 at a time unless its a special circumstance. What's out has to go away before I get another one. If I need to do something I can't have them help with, I set them up with something they haven't seen that day and it gives me time! My living room is cleaner! We're all happier. Its great for us!