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October 10, 2009

Welcome, Winter??

It snowed last night. Not lots, just a light dusting, enough to gently cover the ground and the roofs. It wont stay long, just until the sun reaches its peak in the sky. But it snowed. I love Northern Ontario where it snows Thanksgiving weekend!

It is great for the hunters, who are allowed to head out (I believe it is) 30 minutes before sunrise. The snow will show tracks and they will at least be able to tell if there are deer and moose in the area they are hunting.

This weekend I am being intentional about giving thanks. About remembering all the blessings that all filling my life and have filled my life over the past little while.

I am thankful for the incredibly fast changing weather we get here.

For the fall colours on the trees the way the sun seems to reflect off the leaves and sparkle back into the sky

For friends

For a wonderful husband

and kids who are so unique and different from eachother.

For the fact that we have clean water, (more than enough) food and live in a *safe* country.

I have been blessed with joy in my life because of my Saviour and even though the list could go on (and on and on), that really sums it up. For He is the One who provides and blesses and fills my life with the wonderful things I have to be thankful for.

* * * * * *

I started paining our kitchen last night (wedding silk white and golden wheat), because what else do I do when Troy is away? I think I have painted a room every Thanksgiving weekend for the last 3 years!

* * * * * *

This past week has been long and I've been struggling, mostly because I've been making it about me, when it's not.

Not even remotely.

But sometimes I forget that, I get frustrated and tired and feel hurt by the actions (or inactions) of those around me and think that that somehow gives me the right to be crabby.

It doesn't.

Been praying for more of Him and LESS of me this week. Praying that I'll *get* it this weekend, that I wont make it about finishing the kitchen or getting my sleep but that it will be about Him and the things that bring Glory to Him.

That it will be about my kids and showing them Jesus. Not just through my words but through my actions. Letting them know that they are so deeply loved and treasured. Praying that this weekend will be *fun* for all of us.

I am thankful Troy has the knowledge/ability to hunt, and I don't resent it (well, at least most of the time I don't). That meat provides for us and saves us lots. There are parts of his hunting that I don't like, but we aren't going to go there. Trying to remember that it IS a good thing. Being thankful that he CAN spend the whole weekend with his brother-in-law so I can at least have the car to get the kids to the various things that are happening this weekend.

Today is busy and I should probably go wake sleeping kids so there isn't a huge rush out the door 10 minutes before swimming lessons!

Here's hoping your weekends are filled with thankful praise and the wonder and beauty of creation.

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What a great post! Thanks for sharing.