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October 18, 2009

A Pumpkin and Peace filled Perfect Day

*This post might have a *few* pictures! (don't say you weren't warned!) Yesterday, I took the kids out to Gammondale Farm to their annual Pumpkinfest. We had SO much fun. It was a wonderful 4 hours and it was fun that this worn-out, tired momma very much needed. I was filled with peace that whole time and the kids just ran around being kids. Because we were there almost as soon as it opened, it wasn't really busy so Anthony was allowed to roam (as long as he stayed at one of the four activities that were in the main part of the field.) He was so excited! I love that I can give him freedom like that.

Pulling the rope to let the catapult fly.
Waiting to launch the pumpkin at the scarecrow in the field!

One sleepy boy (and heavy pumpkin!)

Watching the catapult
One of the only smiles (he was very very tired)


Lindsay said...

What a FUN day! Love all the pictures and that you are in one too! :)

AK said...

I love the picture of Owen smiling and the last one with the pumpkins only in colour.

Looks like fun!!!!

EMILY G. said...

looks like alot of fun! thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Simply adorable pictures! I love fall pumpkin pictures!!