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June 07, 2009

The Day that Could have Filled a Weekend

Saturday, we left the house shortly after 10am and didn't get home until close to 5pm. It was a WONDERFUL day. The kids (and parents) were exhausted but happy and a lot of fun was had.

We started the day off by heading to friends for a B.B.Q and then all of us headed out to Fort William Historical Park for their *Spring on the Farm*. (kind of funny given that it's not really a farm..)

Here are a few pictures from the morning, mostly to prove that Owen was, infact, there. He spent all afternoon in the stroller since he was supposed to be napping (no such luck however)

Out at the Fort. You walk down the path and are transported back into time.
Greeted by Voyageurs and Ojibway
Tasting banook. Yummy!
Planting some seeds

There was even magic.
Anthony LOVED it and watched right to the end.

Alexandra got bored and spent 10 mintues staring at the chickens instead.

There was even an Ojibway camp with games,
Stories and songs.
Our two families were the only ones in the teepee at that point.
The kids really enjoyed it.

Alexandra and her chickens...AGAIN!
This kid LOVES animals
(unless it's the sheep in the barn...scared of those, in her defense though, they were REALLY REALLY LOUD!)

We even got to ride in a Voyageur canoe.
Well, all but Troy who opted to stay with Owen.
Anthony was really hesitant about it, and I'm not sure he enjoyed it.
(Kevin, Sabrina, Alexandra, Mikayla, William and Anthony)
Alexandra on the other hand, paddle the WHOLE time!
It was so much fun. I am really glad that we decided to go. I think it made it even more fun that our kids had friends they could hang out with while we were there.

This past week was SO very busy. But busy in a good way:

life happening

memories being made

adventures being had

Tea parties (at Anthony's school)

meeting with a mom whose kids are older (you know, out of the diapers and sleep deprived stage), SUCH a blessing and am very glad I picked up the phone and called her, it was much needed and I am incredibly grateful to her and for her. She blessed me with her insight probably more than she will know. I love how God works. . . .

This week coming, doesn't seem to get any slower!

Baseball tournaments

Graduation (for the highschool Troy teaches at)


It's almost summer vacation and I am looking forward to it! Not that summer slows us down any, but it will be nice (trips to Toronto, camping, beaches, you know, summer busy!)

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Lindsay said...

what a cool, cool place! Love the photos! You definitely had a FULL day :) full of love, laughter, and learning :)

Happy {almost} summer :)