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June 02, 2009


The price of a pair of shorts, or in my case, a new lens cap.

For those of you planning on losing your lens caps, don't (especially, if like me, you need shorts for weather that is supposed to be getting warmer!)

How did I lose my lens cap? I am SO glad you asked, and I think I'll humour you and tell. :)

Last Thursday was beautiful (it really was shorts weather) so a group of moms, 5 of us with 12 kids, decided to go for a walk around a 'lake' (lets use that term loosely here). Me, being me, of course had my camera and took these lovely pictures (my camera was hijacked by a friend at one point, hence why I'm in a picture).

It was at this point of the walk, in full view of where we had parked our cars, that the lens cap vanished! I just HAD to get these pictures of the group of kids though. Alexandra was gathering up all their hands and trying to walk holding them all! (you will notice it is just the boys...)

I normally put the lens cap in a pocket, but I think I must have left it sitting on top of the stroller and didn't notice it fall off.

Why didn't I go back and look for it? Because I thought it was in one of the bags or had fallen into the pocket. I had looked behind me as I was walking when I noticed it was gone but didn't see it so I was sure I still had it on me somewhere. That'll teach me!

Oops...two got away

That's better!

Ah well, normally I wouldn't THINK of spending THAT MUCH replace the cap, but with our road trip to Toronto this summer, I thought it might be a smart idea, given that a new lens costs WAY more than the lens cap did!!!

And besides, the pictures were worth it :)

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Lindsay said...

Good call on getting the new lens cap ... goodness ... I can't believe it cost that much ... I lost mine a while back {at branding} and bought two to replace it :) It wasn't nearly that exspensive though!

**Great photos too :) I really like the slide one.