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March 14, 2011

At the airport and a hair cut.

You can see from one end of the ariport to the other. In some ways it makes passing time hard, but I can also let them run and not worry about losing them in the crowds of people.
I`m not sure how many times they rode the escalator!
And a snack before going through security and boarding the plane.
It was her first offical hair cut. I`ve trimed it before, but this time she actually got to go to the hairdresser and everything!
We waited until after the wedding before cutting her hair though, wanted it long to put up.  
Thankful for the wonderful time we are having. The wedding was tons of fun, a long day, but wonderful none-the-less. Lots of pictures to weed through.
Today I get to hang out with my best friend and tomorrow we are all going to a sugar bush to see how maple syrup is made!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

definitely FUN in the airport ... and the haircut is AWESOME!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!! :)