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September 29, 2010

Safe and Secure

There are some days when I am right ready to strangle my second child. Where I would be very happy to leave her in her room all day and just not deal with the drama of her life.


I got a phone call from her J.K teacher last night, letting us know that she is doing GREAT at school. That she is a wonderful listener and is adjusting well to the routines of the classroom. That was so great to hear.

It made me think though.

I am so incredibly thankful that Alexandra is comfortable enough and secure enough in our love and care for her that she feels like it is safe to act like a complete lunatic at home.

It drives me nuts, but I am thankful for it. If she didn't feel confident, I'm pretty sure that she would act at home like she does at school.

And you what? I don't want that. I want her to be free to be the Alexandra that God has created her (fearfully and wonderfully) to be. Even on the days when I am pulling out my hair, at a loss for how to continue.

Because her flip side, is the sweetest thing in the world. Last Friday was h.a.r.d, but as I was leaving my friends house and another friend had offered to take Alexandra for the afternoon, Alexandra comes over to me, puts her arms on my shoulders, thumbs on my face, gives me a big kiss and says "Momma, I'm really sorry, when you get home, you go and dry your tears o.k? I love you."

Talk about melting a momma's heart on the spot!!

So yes its hard, lots of things about mothering these precious little people are, but I wouldn't trade my life for the world.

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