"We have never been called to define God, we have been called to behold Him." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

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September 14, 2010


Been thinking alot lately about a number of different things, but the biggest thing right now, is vunerability in the midst of struggles.

And what that means for Christians.

God's been working to break the walls I like to hide behind, walls that I think will keep me safe, but really, just keep everyone, including God out.

If we, as Christians, are too ashamed, prideful, fearful to share our struggles with the body of Christ, where does that leave the lost, broken, hurting of the world? What hope does it offer them to see individual strength in the pews when it is the same as what the world offers?

The church offers hope, but how is that displayed to a world longing for hope when the people behind the stained glass fail to be vulnerable with eachother?

I sit in church, in the midst of darkness, and sing words I should believe, and do on some level. But feel like a puppet, doing what everyone else is doing at the same time. If I, as a believer (even when my faith is weak) feel like that, what does that man off the street think as he crosses the threshold after the start of service, hoping to slink in unnoticed, searching for something to fill the void? Or that woman, who comes in laughing and talking admist friends she has known for years, lonely in the deepest places of her heart?

Do they find Him?

Christ offers hope, strength and joy in the midst of everything. His love is sure and forgiveness free - for us.

So maybe I need to get over my shame and pride and let Christ work in and through me.

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Lindsay said...

LOVE this!! LOVE. it!