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January 27, 2012

Provision and Blessing Abound

God has been providing constantly for our family. Sometimes, it is hard to see, sometimes it takes looking beyond myself to fully realize just how fortunate we have been, just how blessed we are.

It's about forgetting about me, about my wants, and learning to trust fully, rest completely and surrender every area to God's control.

We found out on Tuesday that Troy is now teaching an evening class at the college two nights a week. And, that he has one class at one of the high schools in town. As of now we are still waiting to hear about one LTO that he applied for, he didn't get one of them and we are pretty sure that he didn't get this one either.

But you know what? It simply means that God has something so much better for us. It might not be the *traditional* work of 9 to 5 (or similar) but it is going to be good.

I am so thankful for the way that God is working, for the way that He is blessing our lives and filling our days and providing for our family.
Anthony had a GREAT time in Toronto visiting my family and we have been thrilled to have my mom here since Tuesday. Sadly she leaves tomorrow morning, but I will be going down in just over a month (!)

Alexandra is learning to read by leaps and bounds She's my silly girl. Shes known how to read for close to six months, I've caught her reading to her dollies but she has refused to read to Troy or I. This past week she has been reading like crazy. We've gone to the library twice this week to pick out books for her So proud of her.

Owen is still Owen. He is growing and losing that little boy look. We sign him up for Kindergarten in two weeks...my baby. And yet, he's ready and I am ready. But it is hard, we are moving into a new season of life. A season that involves letting go and watching the grow and change and flourish as they come into the little people that God has created them to be.

I have been busy, learning how to cut even more out of our grocery budget (homemade buns are yummy with homemade burgers (venison/beer/beef!) and that is just one way of God providing for us), patching knees on pants like it is going out of style....why oh why do they all insist on wearing out at the same time?

Babysitting lots the past 16 days. Again, not something I expected to be doing again on a full-time basis, but it is only temporary and it is just another way that God has been blessing us. It's been SO much fun but I am so not used to having a 10 month old around anymore and I am tired by the end of the day. A good tired though because he is the sweetest, easiest little boy and my kids just love having him around! It is such a joy to watch my 3 interact with him

I was super excited last week to have a family photo shoot for a family that I had never met before. They were a wonderful family and I am very happy with how their pictures turned out. . . I have even said yes to photographing a wedding! Not something I ever planned on doing, but a good friend of Troy's asked (I took their newborn pictures) and I felt like I could do it. So at some point in June (still waiting to hear on the date) I will be a wedding photographer (!)

We were supposed to be able to see the Northern Lights the other night, but by the time we got far enough out of the city that the lights weren't too bright, there was too much cloud cover to see anything! But it was a nice drive out to country and a peaceful drive down the back roads to get home.

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Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

So many excitig things! God has really been impressing his goodness and provision on my heart lately too.