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June 22, 2011

Sun, water and trampolines.

Friday was one of the few really nice days of the spring. It was sunny and hot. And a PA to boot, so the kids (plus a tag-a-long) spent all morning at a park with friends, then we came home, inhaled lunch and went right back outside.

What better thing to do then in-list the kids' help to wash the van? They think it's fun ;) so really, it's not work!

They also spent tons of time on the trampoline (borrowed from a friend who doesn't have room for it in their backyard......SO thankful for it!) and in the sprinkler.

Today, the first official day of summer and it is cool and rainy.

I'm not complaining though. I love this weather.

And thankful that it has been unseasonably cool and wet, it means I don't have to water the lilac bush that we planted for Father's Day!!

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