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November 23, 2009

Tantrums and Hissy Fits (oh my!!)

One of these days she's gonna outgrow these tantrums.....right? Please someone tell me there's light at the end of this.

Her will is SO strong and I am at a loss. You tell her it's breakfast and the shrieking can last for 30 mins, simply because I have said breakfast is ready. Or I'll tell her to clean up the ponies on the floor and she'll go and dump ALL her toys and her brother's toys all over her room, pull the DVD's off the shelf, fling the kitchen set to the floor and attempt to knock over the toy stand. And then it will take 2 hours of constantly going and telling her to pick up and put away and the running away and the starting all over again)

I am D.O.N.E.

What do I do? How do I handle it? Trying to be patient and gentle, wanting to LOSE IT after about the 4th fit in 2 hours.

She is so sweet and helpful and kind and then there's this flip side, a side that has seemingly reared it's ugly head in the past two week (although, I've known it's always been there, even from a baby it's just manifested itself recently)

Leaning on God, holding on to the fact the she is His child and He will work in her. Trying to cling to that hope while teaching her that there are appropriate ways to share her displeasure and that it's not all about what she wants. (not sure how much she takes in admidst the screaming and the talking over me)

Knowing I need to be gentle and patient and gracious and falling flat by noon some days (heck, I'm lucky if I even make it that far!)

I am exhausted by it.

And there are days when I wonder what the point is.

It's been a long weekend of shrieking and screaming and kicking and throwing and this morning hasn't started off any better. What do I do? Anyone??

Praying for patience by the boatload today, because I'm not gonna make it through in my own strength!


AK said...

We've been having some days like that too. Its insane when its like that. My daughter has taken to hitting her sister and then throwing fits when I correct her. Usually with her, I notice that if I make sure she has enough food (for her this means giving her tons of time to eat, and then several snacks per day) and rest, she is better...but I know that you know that! Also making sure we have enough mommy time and time outside/somewhere else each day. I know you know that too. Its really hard. I will pray.

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Oh boy do I KNOW. I may not be much help - but I want you to know there is some one out there who truly gets it, who has been there, and who is right there in the trenches with you.

You are a wonderful mom. This is a part of life and some times you just have to wait out a "phase". I know it is hard. I have a hard time not completely losing my patience - and then joining in the fit throwing myself. :) I'll tell you - that isn't very effective... :)

I try to ignore the fit after telling the child that he (in my case)is acting out in an inappropriate way. If it continues he goes to his room. I shut his door and then go back in about 5 minutes. If he is ready to stop screaming and ready to be good, he can rejoin the family, if not he stays.

Again, I just want to reinforce the fact that I have been so encouraged by you as a mother and I know you are truly seeking to follow God with your whole heart. He will lead you! Seek the rest you need. Sometimes a deep breath and walking away is the best thing you can do...

Also, I highly recommend the book "Making children mind without losing yours" By Keven Lehmon.

Dana said...

Sometimes I think God has not called me to be a mom to a little girl because I simply could.not.do.it. You, however Katarina HAVE been called. Which means, you CAN do it. He knows you can. That's why he entrusted your precious gal to you. She's beautiful, she's kind to others, sometimes she has her fits, and those fits are ten times worse when it's your own child. But seriously, she's beautiful. I would gladly take her for a day if it would help. Sometimes having another mom tell you to treat your own mom a little better is what a child needs to hear. I remember when I was young (and I was pretty brutal to my mama) another mom took me aside and said, smarten up, your mommy loves you and you're not being loving to her. It definitely made me think about it. I'm pretty sure I was a little older than A is but you never know.

I'm praying for you as and I know that sometimes it's enough to know that others are in prayer interceding for you. But sometimes, it just seems like dribble. So, if there's anything else that would help you out, other than prayer, please let me know.