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August 05, 2011

Ramblings...and a few pictures

Life keeps happening, flying by at an incredible pace. It's August, um...can someone PLEASE tell me what happened to July? I think I blinked and must of missed it!

We went on a vacation to Wisconsin Dells and it was incredible.

 I would go back. The kids would go back. Troy would go back (so I would have to say it was a successful vacation...although by the end I was done and ready to be home!)

And home we are.

Alexandra had her adenoids out and tubes put in on Tuesday so this week I have been trying to keep her busy without her having to run or jump or be her wild and crazy self. I don't think any of it has phased her. She keeps asking when she can go back to the hospital for a check up....sigh, I might have made this week a little *too* fun for her ;) There's been a movie day with a friend, a princess dinner party and movie night with another friend (I will post pictures of that...eventually, still trying to find the time to get the Wisconsin ones up!) Tomorrow the two of us are having a yard/bake sale...Troy took the boys camping for the weekend.

Monday starts 2 weeks of swimming lessons, followed by Alexandra's 5th birthday (!), the last 2 weeks of summer before school and then, I will breathe a sigh of relief as we settle into somewhat of a routine. Still unsure of where Troy will be with jobs (4hrs a week at the college but that's all so far) But I'm not worried. God is good and He will provide. We've been there before and His provision has awed me. I know He doesn't bring us this far just to leave us AND, I also know that His way of providing may not be what we are expecting or hoping for.
 Troy was marking some of the provincial tests that our province does at the beginning of July. He goes to Toronto to do it. Normally that kids and I go with him to visit my family, but seeing as we had just seen them in March, we opted to go elsewhere (with my parents) for our holidays this year. ANYWAY....Troy took Owen with him so that I would just have 2 kids (and a tag-a-long some days) to entertain. We did NOT stop. There were trips to the beach, strawberry picking, trips to the park, endless afternoons in the sprinkler. Anthony, Alexandra and I also had a sleep-over in the living room one night complete with sleeping bags, movies and their choice of dinner (it was an interesting dinner....!)

 We had fun lighting pieces of driftwood and bark on fire with a magnifying glass!
 I love that we have the beach to ourselves from 9am to almost 11.

 This last week I had a photography client whom I hadn't met before they walked through my door. It was so much fun, and their little girl was such a sweet little thing. I know I'm where I'm supposed to be with this. There's still the nervous scared feelings, but there is also peace and contentment.

Well, it is late, and I must be up early for the yard sale tomorrow! Time to stop rambling!

I am thankful for this summer. It has been really good in so many, many ways.

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