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January 31, 2008


The weather here has been SO very very cold the last few days and it doesn't look like it is supposed to warm up soon. And by cold I mean -30ish with windchills of around -45ish. NOT fun. Needless to say, we have not really been out with the kids. Yesterday I braved the weather and took them to the library for storytime......we nearly froze walking the 10 feet from the van to the doors. We are definately NOT going out anywhere today. The kids are a little antsy, they are getting bored of their toys and float from one thing to another every minute or so. We are trying to think of creative ways to keep them busy and entertained (especailly after Anthony was spoiled by so much attention from the university students this weekend).

Cooking at the retreat was wonderful. We all had a great time and things ran smoothly. There were points where I wasn't sure who was the biggest kid....some of the boys were more than willing to dress up in bed sheets (like capes) and 'fly' Anthony around and around and around the building. It was great fun!

Here's hoping that where ever you are, the weather is warmer and the sun is out. More pictures are coming (eventually), I promise....:)

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Dorothy said...

We have the same weather here. I'm tired of the cold. I'm tired from the cold. I'm tired of adding more and more layers every time I go outside. I wish I could stay inside with all of you!